Water treatment is a major concern in South Africa. Standards in the water treatment industry are inconsistent, and there is a huge need for the transfer of skills and expertise.

Hydrance is a South African-based water solutions company offering advanced water treatment services, and water treatment-related products. Our team consists of some of the country’s most experienced water treatment experts.

We have an association with BWA Water Additives, the world leader in the development of high performance specialty chemical solutions for the industrial water treatment and desalination industries. We also have associations with other reputable international suppliers of chemical technologies, which include a tailored in-line control system.

Hydrance is committed to improving standards of servicein the South African water treatment industry, and to the transfer of skills and expertise.


Work Team

Hydrance has a team of highly qualified, experience and skilled water treatment specialists. They will work with you to solve water treatment challenges, and provide cost-effective and robust long-term solutions that comply with environmental standards and increase efficiencies.