6008   Coagulant

HYDRANCE 6008 is an approved  low basicity aluminium based coagulant for use in potable, industrial and waste waters specifically designed for the removal of colour based organic contaminants that are of the humic acid species in nature.


6135   Polyelectrolyte

HYDRANCE 6135 is an organic polyelectrolyte of a low molecular weight, used at low levels as a coagulant primarily for the effective removal of high suspended solids in the lquid-solid separation process.  This product may be used separately or appropriately blended with standard or polymeric aluminium or iron based coagulants.


6500   Coagulant Blend

HYDRANCE 6500 is a specially designed coagulant for removal of organic biomatter within potable, industrial and effluent water.


6610   Flocculant

HYDRANCE 6610 is a low molecular mass polyacrylamide which finds application in the effective separation of natural minerals and heavy metals in the mining and refractory industries, but also effective in the treatment of potable water as required.


6700   Flocculant

HYDRANCE 6700 is a high molecular mass polyacrylamide used for liquid solid separation specifically for the removal of solids in feed water to ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems where charge is a concern with respect to membrane surface technology.