The concept of TWM (Total Water Management), as an outsourcing model, has been around for many years, and in many cases has been successful. Unfortunately though in South Africa there has been mismanagement in the implementation of TWM. This has led to Loss of jobs, Inefficiencies, High cost, Lack of knowledge transfer and Deterioration of water systems.


OWN is a new management concept that redresses these problems by partnering with clients in the cost-effective, efficient and sound long-term management of their water systems.

We train clients’ personnel to OWN their OWN water systems by increasing their OWN knowledge. This translates to:

  • Job creation
  • Job retention
  • Job satisfaction
  • Cost saving
  • Skills Transfer
  • In-house control

It’s part of our vision to increase South Africa’s water knowledge, and to help clients better understand their water systems. Through our training and skill transfer programme we aim promote and nurture water treatment expertise in the industry and within our clients’ businesses.