2200 Boiler Water Treatment: Concentrated Catalyzed Oxygen Scavenger

HYDRANCE 2200 is a liquid catalyzed sulphite based oxygen scavenger designed to scavenge oxygen and hence inhibit oxidative pitting corrosion within steam generation systems.


2312  Boiler Water Treatment: All-in-One Sulphite : Phosphate : Polymer

HYDRANCE 2312 is an all-in-one corrosion and scale inhibitor containing sulphite, phosphate & specialized polymers designed for treatment of small, low to medium pressure boiler operations.


2315 Boiler Water Treatment: All Organic Solubilizing Program

HYDRANCE 2315 is an all organic multi-functional dispersant designed for use as internal treatment for medium pressure boilers.


2332 Boiler Water Treatment: Sludge Conditioner

HYDRANCE 2332 is a concentrated, highly effective general purpose dispersant with thermal and hydrolytic stability designed for use in boiler systems.


2340 Boiler Water Treatment: Internal Stand-Alone Phosphate-Polymer Treatment

HYDRANCE 2340 is a coordinated phosphate product with added polymer designed to provide scale and corrosion inhibition for medium to high pressure boilers using high purity feed water.


2364 Boiler Water Treatment: Alkalinity Builder

HYDRANCE 2364 is an alkalinity builder designed to maintain boiler feed water pH and alkalinity within a recommended operating range.


2401 Steam Condensate Treatment: Specialised Filming Amine Blend

HYDRANCE 2401 is a concentrated blend of a specially designed filming amine to inhibit carbonic acid corrosion in steam lines and condensate systems.


2406 Steam Condensate Treatment: Neutralizing Amine Blend

HYDRANCE 2406 is a concentrated synergistic blend of neutralizing amines designed to inhibit corrosion in steam lines and condensate systems with a broad distribution ratio.