5102 Acid Based Scale Remover

HYDRANCE 5102 is an inhibited blend of phosphoric acid and wetting agents that will readily remove hardness and iron scales in stainless steel plate heat exchangers and plastic moulding units. HYDRANCE 5102 can be used on any grade of stainless steel since it is chloride free and will not readily increase corrosion.


Alkaline System Cleaner

HYDRANCE 5300 is a synergistic blend of neutralized phosphonates and polymeric dispersants that will safely remove corrosion products and silt from closed systems. It can be used in either open, chilled or hot water loops with low risk of excessive corrosion during the cleaning process. HYDRANCE 5300 can safely be used with types of metals that will be encountered in these systems. In addition, HYDRANCE 5300 will not adversely affect any type of rubber or elastomer that may be present.