3308 Cooling Water Treatment: All Organic Program

HYDRANCE 3308 is a concentrated all-organic blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors designed for high stress open recirculating cooling systems with a Ryznar Index <5. Effective for use in once through cooling systems where the water is of a scale-forming nature.


3325 Cooling Water Treatment: Specialised Polymer-Phosphate Program

HYDRANCE 3325 is a concentrated blend of organic and inorganic corrosion and scale inhibitors designed for use as a stabilized phosphate program in medium hardness open recirculating cooling system waters with a to the make-up water.


3341 Cooling Water Treatment: Stabilised Zinc-Phosphate-Polymer Program

HYDRANCE 3341 is formulated for use in plants where one-drum programs are preferred and where Ryznar Index is >8. Effective for use in once through cooling systems where water exhibits a corrosive tendency. Add to the make-up water in open recirculating cooling systems.


3403 Closed Loop Treatment: All Organic Corrosion Protection

HYDRANCE 3403 is a totally organic based blended corrosion inhibitor formulation for use in closed loop systems. HYDRANCE 3403 can be used in low and medium pressure hot water systems, and in those containing aluminium.


3405 Cooling Water Treatment: Closed Loop System

HYDRANCE 3405 is a high performance nitrite and organic corrosion inhibitor for closed loop systems that do not contain aluminium.